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What is Plaguing Lawrence County?


What is Plaguing Lawrence County? “Plague: an epidemic disease causing a high rate of mortality.”   Sounds like COVID-19, right? Well yes, but unfortunately we have another plague in Lawrence County….丙型肝炎. COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in Lawrence County, Ohio.  Unfortunately, so do our 丙型肝炎 numbers. 我不是来这里…...]

What is Plaguing Lawrence County?2021-06-17T16:24:23-04:00

COVID-19 Testing now open to non-symptomatic people


All Family 医疗中心 are offering full-spectrum COVID 19 testing for anyone who would like to be tested. Tests available include nasal swab for current infection and blood antibodies for past infection. Testing is by appointment only and cost options vary depending on insurance coverage. No cost or reduced cost options are available for uninsured [...]

COVID-19 Testing now open to non-symptomatic people2020-06-18T12:33:20-04:00



To our Patients:  We do not want you to avoid needed care during this difficult time.  Here is some information on how we are handling your healthcare needs: For our Pediatric Practices:  Our offices are open to see your child as usual.  We ask that you call the office first so that our [...]


FMC Awarded more than $124,000 from HRSA


FMC Awarded more than $124,000 from HRSA On August 15, the Ironton Lawrence County Area Community Action (ILCAO) Family 医疗中心 (FMC) was awarded more than $124,000 in grants from the Health Resources and 服务 Administration (HRSA) in recognition of the organization’s continued quality improvement efforts. HRSA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health [...]

FMC Awarded more than $124,000 from HRSA2018-08-24T21:49:36-04:00

Family 医疗中心 Awarded HRSA Certificate


Family 医疗中心 and the Ironton-Lawrence County Community Action Organization were awarded a certificate by the Health Resource and 服务 Administration (HRSA) for being a Health Center Quality Leader for 2017! 有将近1个,400 health centers operating more than 11,000 service delivery sites providing primary care throughout the United States, the District of Columbia, [...]

Family 医疗中心 Awarded HRSA Certificate2018-03-08T19:39:50-05:00

Early Childhood Academy and Family 医疗中心 Team Up For Success


During April 2017, the Early Childhood Center enrolled a family that we thought would be a challenge. The reason being, the mother was deaf and we didn’t know for sure how we would communicate with her. Once it was determined, our communication would mainly be by text, the Family Advocate began contacting her regularly. (...]

Early Childhood Academy and Family 医疗中心 Team Up For Success2017-11-01T17:57:20-04:00

Common Causes of Unintentional Weight Loss


Common Causes of Unintentional Weight Loss Losing weight without trying sounds very appealing if you are struggling to shift excess pounds, but significant weight loss can signal an underlying medical problem. While stressful situations, 比如丧亲之痛, 离婚, 或者失业, can trigger sudden weight loss, if you aren't under stress and [...]

Common Causes of Unintentional Weight Loss2017-07-19T17:15:48-04:00

Symptoms of Diabetes to Watch For


Symptoms of Diabetes to Watch For   There are two known types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune condition which causes the immune system to turn on itself by attacking the beta cells of the pancreas. These beta cells are responsible for the production of insulin. [...]

Symptoms of Diabetes to Watch For2017-07-11T22:26:56-04:00

Family 医疗中心 – Caring for Families


Family 医疗中心 Cares for Families Family 医疗中心 operates six facilities from Ironton to Proctorville, offering a wide variety of services including primary care, 儿科, 牙科, 以及行为健康. The medical professionals who serve the organization come from many backgrounds, but all believe in the mission of treating patients like family. “We [...]

Family 医疗中心 – Caring for Families2017-05-06T22:09:03-04:00